Lagoon Nebula (M8; NGC 6523)


A luminous nebula in the constellation of Sagittarius. It is a complex of ionized hydrogen, gas and dust with hot, recently formed stars. A star cluster, NGC 6530, lies near the centre of the nebula. The light from two naked-eye stars in the cluster, 7 and 9 Sagittarii, is responsible for ionizing the gas. The nebula is estimated to lie at a distance of 4,500 light years.




 Stuhleck, NÖ




 Kodak Ektapress PJ400

 Exposure Time

 40 minutes


 Meade 10" f/6,3 + GEG (with Lens) + Canon EOS 5000

 effective F.L.

1200 mm (f/4,7)

Mount & Guiding

G-11 & ST-4. .



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