NGC 2024; Flame Nebula

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The brightest star here is Zeta Orionis, easily visible to the unaided eye as the easternmost star in the line of three that form Orion's Belt. Partly obscured by the glare of Zeta is the curious yellowish nebula NGC 2024, whose energy comes from a star hidden in the dark lane, while other nebulae simply reflect the light of embedded hot stars and appear blue.

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 Feb 2001


 Hohe Wand




 Kodak Ektapress PJ400

 Exposure Time

 ? minutes


 Meade 10" f/6,3 + GEG (without Lens) + Canon EOS 5000

 effective F.L.

 1750 mm (f/6,9)

Mount & Guiding

G-11 & ST-4.

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