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Losmandy G-11

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  • DSC Kit (Digital Setting Circles) - I sold the DSC and use the Encoders with the Boxdörfer Controller now.
  • CKS (Clutch Knob Set)
  • TKS (Tripod Knob Set)
  • DSC Gear Covers
  • Precision worm in RA


March 1, 2006  

ASA 10" f/2.2 Astrograph

a highly corrected Astrograph with LOMO Optics and carbon fibre tube from Astro Systeme Austria.ASA 10" /2.2 (Please note that this is a pre-production model which does not show the quality finish as in the

current line!)

May 11, 2006  

Meade 10" f/6.3 Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA

Meade 10" /6.3Modifications

  • OTA flocked with deep-black self-adhesive velcro

  • Handle bars added

  • Secondary mirror collimation screws replaced by wing nut screws

  • 12V fan behind the mirror for faster thermal equilibrium

March 1, 2006  

Optolyth 100mm f/7 Apo

4" (100mm) f/7 Apo Refractor with Lichtenknecker FH 30 Helical System 67

"The companies Tele-Optic and precision engineering Jürgen Thomaier designed,
in co-operation with Optolyth, who stands for excellent quality in the area of
hunt-optics for more than 175 years, this apochromatic refractor.
Lens: Triplet HD-fluorite-apochromat without air spacing; strehl ratio is 92%
Coatings: Ceralin Plus on both exposed sides.
Clear aperture: 100mm (4") ; Focal Length: 700mm (f/7) ; Tube diameter: 115mm (4.5")

The weight is about 4.8kg(10.5lbs) (OTA only).

OptolythWas last seen like this ...


May 11, 2006  

Boxdörfer MTS3-SDI Controller

If anyone else uses this controller with the G-11, here are my settings:

RA/DE-frequency: 30.082169 Hz
RA/DE-fast: 600 Hz (= 20x)
RA-M*G: 7200
PWM: 50,8%
Micro Step: 1/32
100%-frequency: 225 Hz

March 1, 2006  


with Kodak 2020CM One-Shot-Color Chip

March 1, 2006